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Designed by a team of collaborative professionals, Prague Media School is dedicated to assisting adults in acquiring new knowledge in media, production, and content distribution, utilizing the latest tools.
Our strategic vision is rooted in a deep understanding of the evolving media landscape, driven by advancements in artificial intelligence, automation, and digital storytelling. Here, we outline our ambitious path forward, focusing on innovation, inclusivity, and the integration of cutting-edge technologies into our curriculum.
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For 7 years, Prague School Media has been training teams of our partners. Join us! Find out more about what we teach in our online and offline courses,
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Find out more about what we teach in our online and offline courses,
contact sales for training with us.

Courses & Workshops

AI-Colleague for Teams (eng)

Availability: On-Demand
AI is no longer just an intern consuming your time and causing concern for the future; it has become a reliable colleague. This course will guide your team through the vibrant world of AI and enhance your understanding of how models operate. Fun to attend, practical, with lots of hands on experience - it will save you a considerable amount of time and nerves.

AI-Newsroom for Teams. Training Program (eng)

Availability: On-Demand
Accelerate the integration of AI into your team's media production process (online/offline).

Becoming a presenter (ukr/ru)

Now Open
A course on video self-presentation, led by prime-time TV director Lyda Nesmachna.

Mastering Midjourney (eng/ru)

Availability: On-Demand
Enhance your creativity with Midjourney, utilizing advanced tools and neural insights. For superior visual content only.

AI VideoLab: Neural Networks in Video Production (ru)

Acquire the skills to produce captivating AI-Video content for social media, cinema and art scene.

Everything flows: motion design and animation (ru)

Complete this course to master Adobe After Effects with AI efficiency. Quickly create impactful explainers, ads, and announcements, animate logos, and revitalize footage into engaging videos that captivate viewers.

AI-Newsroom (ru)

Future-proof your journalism career by mastering AI technologies now. A crucial opportunity to update your skills.

Program Archive (2017 - 2022)

Advanced Collaborative Journalism Course (2 editions)

This free hybrid interactive course in English will offer lectures and practical exercises geared at teaching the necessary skills to organise and coordinate an international team of journalists, to safely and securely collaborate on cross-border stories, and to carry out impactful investigations.

Crowdfunding and Collaborative Journalism Course

A Free Online Interactive Course in English for media professionals in Central and Southern Europe: 7 interactive webinars and a cross-border story pitching session. Selected projects will be published on the Press Start crowdfunding platform and receive partial funding.

Communication strategy: Signposts to Success

Sit back and zoom: this is an introductory and highly practical seminar for those who need to work with marketing communications on the Internet and social networks. It will help you prioritize your work and teach you how to channel the seemingly indomitable energy of creative thought in the direction of peaceful construction. We will explore a unique infographic which includes all processes in communication strategy – after seeing this, you will think differently about building your brand.

Everything sings: Adobe Audition and sound design workshop

You will learn the basics of recording and working with sound, learn how to use libraries, how sound for YouTube differs from sound for VR; get an idea of ​​sound design and sound engineering.

Show me yours: Videos for new media

Stories and short videos on social media aren't just trendy tools. Their popularity is only growing as a new generation which grew up on video blogs, Tik-Tok and animation comes to the "grown up" networks. Short videos are a language that is essential today. You'll learn: ideas generation, Video production concepts, script writing, team management, basic concept of video promotion.

SMM total-immersion: Catch the second wave

Even if you are familiar with some aspects of SMM, In our Flagship modular course, (probably the best in the world!), our experts will explain: Content Creation, content formats and the technologies of their production; Advertising & Communication tactics; Strategic Vision. Dive into social media marketing: Choose 1, 2 or 3 modules that are right for you, right now!

Everything flows: Adobe After Effects and motion design workshop

After completing the intensive course, you will master the basic tools of the program, you will be able to assemble your own explainer, advertisement or announcement, make captions, bring your logo to life - and even how to save boring footage by turning it into an interesting video that gains views.

Instagram of love and beauty

The first specialized course on Instagram for workers in the beauty industry - that is, for stylists, hairdressers, beauticians, makeup artists, makeup and manicure masters, image consultants and plastic surgeons.

Telegram: “Air Corridors” of connection

Broadcasting and marketing in messengers is the future that has already arrived. This course has everything you need to know about the functionality and structure of Telegram including creating and exploiting Channels to build an audience; working with APIs; Chat rooms; Telegram gaming platform.

Instagram: Algorithm. Content. Promotion.

This online course by Prague Media School is all about marketing communications on Instagram. The course is based on the methodology of “Kaospilot”, Danish Business School, and is meant for people who want to understand the platform’s algorithm and grow the audience of their projects.

SMM and communication strategies

This course is for those who (think they!) “know everything about SMM*”. Promotion algorithms and formats of popular content are constantly changing. We created this course so that graduates will be able to answer a very difficult yet simple question: how to make SMM bring maximum benefits to your current project, and what tools you should personally choose for this.

Video for social media

Who is this program for? For anyone who already has a project relating to social networks and who needs a new, modern way of communicating with the audience of their media or project. We cater for journalists, designers, producers, managers, marketers - and anyone else interested in promoting themselves or their ideas online.



You are the main character, only you know what trials you went through to be where you are now. You fought desperately and dreamed selflessly. Sometimes they received gifts, and sometimes they fell into traps. Look back and tell us what you saw and where your inner Odyssey is leading you.


An exhibition on the interaction of opposing principles that shape our reality. In their works, artists explore how the relationships between organic and synthetic, body and consciousness, emotions and reason, destruction and creation.


Express trains have always been full of mysteries, with many stories from the 1920s about strange events and trains disappearing. Now, a hundred years later, as the AI Express gets close to a tunnel, here's a warning: you might just vanish with it.

AI-War. My AI Records

Collection of works by graduates of the Prague Media School over the same two years. Images and emotions, navigate freely  in all directions, crossing the boundaries of latent spaces. These are beams of light that never fade, requiring no armed protection.


In the coldest time of the year, we invited our students to reflect on the temperatures that matter to them. The result was a small, but very cohesive exhibition, where there was not a single similar work, yet each could be felt with the whole body.

Сhange of perspective

New Year's challenge for artists, members of the AI-Medialist club at the Prague School Media


Treasures are deeply stored in memories and dreams, hidden in our bodies, slightly shimmering through the fog of everyday reality, or blinding with the merciless light of stories about war and people.


An exclusive hitchhiker’s manual to the latent space. The rules and essential maneuvers.


Prepare to witness our feast: burning through the power of GPUs, greedily reaching for the diffusion models, and grasping words—pierced with parameters—bare, they acquire a forbidden sweetness—pictorial.

Through the noise

You are in a carriage. You are moving through chaos. Outside is a world of news, data, and constant overload. Inside is art – AI-generated videos, images, and sound. Connect, and you will be able to hear the melody through the noise.


Interacting with AI is like a journey through a labyrinth, where each path lures with possibilities but turns into challenges.


Myths are a source of timeless stories and characters. We find it convenient to use these symbols, with which the latent space of the Midjourney model is often familiar, to create works about ourselves, society, and the state of the modern world.


The carnival is not just an event, but a way of life, a worldview that rejects power and welcomes freedom. The carnival is a time of renewal and rebirth, a chance to start anew. The carnival is a fundamental human need.

About us

Designed by a collaborative team of professionals Prague Media School aims to help adults acquire new knowledge in the fields of media, production, and content distribution using the latest tools. We have been operational since 2015. Initially focused on Russian-speaking professionals from Eastern Europe and Central Asia we've adapted our educational materials and approach in response to the full-scale invasion of Ukraine launched by Russia in February 2022. Participants have the flexibility to engage with instructors and peers in either Ukrainian or English across all courses.

Prague Media School run by the non-for-profit endowment fund Free Press for Eastern Europe, registered in Prague, Czechia.

Technological Integration in Media Education

We are steadfast in our commitment to incorporating large language models (LLMs), visual generators (Diffusion models), and AI automation into our educational programs. This integration ensures our students are well-equipped to navigate and shape the future of media.

Adapting to Industry Needs

Our curriculum is meticulously designed to align with the dynamic needs and expectations of the media industry. By closely monitoring AI-driven transformations in media production and consumption, we prepare our students for the future of personalized content creation, data journalism, and ethical content distribution.

Fostering Innovation and Collaboration

The Prague Media School champions a culture of innovation and collaborative learning. Our mixed-group approach encourages diversity of thought, fostering an environment where technology and creativity intersect to produce groundbreaking media solutions.

Ethical Considerations and Social Responsibility

In the age of misinformation and digital manipulation, we emphasize the ethical use of AI in media. Our courses on AI visual generators and automation tools are designed not just to enhance efficiency but to equip our students with the skills necessary to combat misinformation effectively.

Practical Application and Real-World Projects

Beyond theoretical knowledge, we prioritize hands-on experience and practical application. From corporate training sessions to real-world projects, our students actively engage with the latest media technologies, ensuring they are ready to lead in a rapidly evolving industry.

Community Engagement and Lifelong Learning

Our commitment extends beyond the classroom. With bimonthly meetups, exhibitions, and an expansive curriculum in multiple languages, we foster a vibrant community of learners, educators, and industry professionals dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation.

Looking Ahead

The future of media is bright and boundless. At Prague Media School, we are not just preparing for the future; we are actively shaping it. Our dedication to technological advancement, ethical media practices, and innovative education positions us at the forefront of media studies. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey, setting new standards for excellence in media education.


Our promise is not just to educate but to inspire and empower the next generation of media professionals. With a keen eye on the horizon, Prague Media School is leading the way in defining the future of media. Together, let's turn the challenges of today into the opportunities of tomorrow.

What will you learn?

You will learn how to solve tasks that you have to, or want to solve faster, more efficiently, and – last but not least – with a great pleasure. You will be able to organize new working processes promptly and re-organize already existing ineffective ones and to be unconventional in your decision-making when it’s needed and use already proven solutions when they are more effective. You will also learn to work in a group where everyone interrupts each other because they have a lot to say and, when needed, to create such a group out of people who are shy to talk. You will be able to gain and share your knowledge quickly


All our trainers are practitioners. We can't say we do not like theorists, but somehow we attract practically-minded people.

Therefore, you will surely hear about marketing from real consultants who have among clients the biggest international NGOs and companies. In the same way, an experienced social media campaigner will tell you about advertising in social media, and a real producer will introduce you to content production and distribution platforms. Video and After Effects are introduced by a professional videographer, audio by  a composer, and storytelling by… yes, you guessed it right: a storyteller.

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