War. My AI Records

Shock. And after it - two years of despair, fear, anger, horror. And, despite everything, hope. Acceptance is impossible: it won't come as long as the struggle continues, as long as grief accompanies every loss. And here lies the reason why we are so fascinated by neuroart. Generative AI emerges as both an accessible tool for presenting emotions, stories, testimonies, and, unexpectedly, as an anesthesia against the all-encompassing horror. Diffusion models, well-educated on the visual history of humanity, help us express feelings for which modern frameworks of representation do not offer either format or language. 

The collaboration with AI provides a small dose of pain relief, freeing human co-authors from the shackles of horror,   This newfound liberation, in turn, brings with it the strength strength to gaze into the opaque future, to discern victory, light, and new life. The opening of this exhibition is timed to the second anniversary of the beginning of the full-scale war of Russia against Ukraine.

It is a collection of works by graduates of the Prague Media School over the same two years. Images and emotions, navigate freely  in all directions, crossing the boundaries of latent spaces. These are beams of light that never fade, requiring no armed protection.
Artists: Olya Ryashina● Julia Zhirova● Yulya ● Lidia Nesmachna ●Yurii Yeltsov Aleksandr Bely ●Anna Chertok●Lena Kashirskaya ●Masha Sorochkina ●Maryna Yevdokomova ●Tetiana Tarbur ● Maryna Postmitna ● Diana Antipina ● Olga Moroz ● Alla Solonenko ● Maria Gyarmati ● Curators: Lidia Nesmachna,  Zlata Ponirovskaya


Loss of Hope



Hope Again

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