AI Sound: Shamanic Dances

Music generators using neural networks mainly employ libraries, not latent space; however, AI addresses many sound designers' needs. Lecture by Misha Voynov

March 2024

Neurophotography as the True Truth

These new signs, offered to us by “text-to-image” technologies, are devoid of the signifier, like ordinary photographs. But they are not devoid of the signified.

January 2024

Reflecting on an Incredible Year of AI Revolution at Prague School Media

As we look back on the year at Prague School Media, it's not just about the numbers. It's about the diverse, energetic, and transformative journey we've embarked on together.

February 2024

How to Weaponize AI Against Your Own Career (and Blame the Robots Later)

Hilarious guide to sabotaging your career with cutting-edge tech. Witty, absurd, and cautionary tale of AI misuse across professions. Buckle up for unethical laughs and a wake-up call.

January 2024