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AI-Colleague for Teams

AI is no longer just an intern consuming your time and causing concern for the future; it has become a reliable colleague. This course will guide your team through the vibrant world of AI and enhance your understanding of how models operate. Fun to attend, practical, with lots of hands on experience - it will save you a considerable amount of time and nerves.
10 hours
Up to 25 participants
About AI-Colleague Course

Who Will Benefit?

  • Those who write for work: from correspondence and report writing to commercial proposals, grant applications, strategies, and articles.
  • Those who create or wish to create original content and educational materials, texts for communication in blogs and social networks.
  • Those who wants deploy AI for research and analyses.
  • Those who have noticed that the AI revolution has already taken place, and it's time to harness its fruits in their work and  projects.

Key Takeaways

  • Personalization
    Understand what the applied AI revolution means for your team  and assemble your ideal toolbox.
  • Prompt-engineering
    Learn how to talk to LLM’s, your first conversations will be with  ChatGPT.
  • Data Analysis
    Become quicker and more efficient at analyzing information, structuring texts, and learning to extract meaningful information from unstructured data.
  • Multimedia
    Get acquainted with the best tools for creating images, transcriptions,  videos, and sound.
Применять ключевые правила построения кадра
Сценарист видео
Писать качественные сценарии: выделять главное, отсекать лишнее, доносить смыслы
Продюсер видео
Создавать красивую картинку с помощью фона, света, одежды и жестов
Ведущий в кадре
Работать с интонациями и уникальным Tone of Voice
Укротитель нейросетей
Использовать новейшие AI-инструменты в вашем видеопродакшене
How is the Course organized?

Online Live Format for Teams

Prague School Media can organize the Workshop in two options


• Course via Zoom, only Your Team and Trainers are on air.
• 5 live lessons (~ 2 hours ), Duration ~ 2-3 weeks.
• All necessary materials for the workshop and broadcast recordings will be provided to ensure a seamless learning experience.
• Additionally: presentations, group exercises, notebooks and workbooks, discussions, chat for participants, best practices tutorials, library.

After Training

• Opportunity to present a final project and receive a diploma.
• Lifetime access to all materials and the course chat.
• Up to 80% discount on  courses for individuals/graduates
Who Teaches?


Zlata Ponirovskaia
AI Adoption Facilitator
Head of  Prague Media School, ai-trainer.  Courses co-author:  “Ai-Colleague”,  “ChatGPT-Pro”, “Ai-VideoLab”,  “Mastering Midjourney” , “AI-Newsroom”, “Demystify code”, “Neurophotography”.
Stanislav Lvovsky
Poet, historian, and cultural researcher
PhD from the University of Oxford. Author of books,  articles and scientific papers. Currently holds a postdoctoral position at the University of Helsinki. At Prague Media School, responsible for engagements with large language models (LLM), AI assistants training, and the philosophy of consciousness.Courses co-author:  “Ai-Colleague”,  “ChatGPT-Pro”,  “AI-Newsroom”.


Artem Avanesov
Dean of Prague School Media, methodologist, trainer and curator of media school courses.
Course Program


1 | The AI Revolution: What It Means for You
2 | Prompt-engineering best practices. Practicing with  ChatGPT
3 | AI instruments for research and analyses
4 | GPTs, personalization, write your own AI assistants
5 | Practical applications , debugging and fine-tuning
For more information, please contact us at info@pragueschool.media

AI-Colleague for Teams

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