Elevate Your Newsroom with AI: A Comprehensive Workshop

Training Program

AI-Newsroom for Teams

In an era where technology is reshaping journalism, PragueSchool.media presents the AI-Newsroom Training Program. This intensive workshop is designed to empower media professionals with the skills and knowledge to integrate Artificial Intelligence into their newsroom operations.
10 hours
Workshop Duration
About AI-Newsroom Training Program

Who Will Benefit?
- Everyone in your team and, eventually, your audience

  • Journalists
  • Editors
  • Media Managers
  • Data Analysts
  • Multimedia Producers

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the role of AI in modern journalism
  • Master ethical considerations and industry standards
  • Gain hands-on experience in AI-powered content creation, data analysis, and multimedia production
  • Enhance operational efficiency and audience engagement
Применять ключевые правила построения кадра
Сценарист видео
Писать качественные сценарии: выделять главное, отсекать лишнее, доносить смыслы
Продюсер видео
Создавать красивую картинку с помощью фона, света, одежды и жестов
Ведущий в кадре
Работать с интонациями и уникальным Tone of Voice
Укротитель нейросетей
Использовать новейшие AI-инструменты в вашем видеопродакшене
How training is structured?

Choose: Online or Classroom

Prague School Media can organize the Workshop in two options


• Workshop via Zoom, only Your Team and Trainers are on air.
• 3-4 working days, total training duration 8-10 hours.
• All necessary materials for the workshop and broadcast recordings will be provided to ensure a seamless learning experience.


• Traditional workshop in classroom setting.
• 2 days, total training duration 8-10 hours.
• All necessary materials for the workshop will be provided to ensure a seamless learning experience.


Zlata Ponirovskaia
AI Adoption Facilitator
The workshop will be led by Zlata Ponirovskaia, an experienced multimedia producer and head of Educational Programs at Prague School Media. She will be supported by a team of expert trainers, whose names will be confirmed based on availability and agreed dates.
Artem Avanesov
Dean of Prague School Media, methodologist, trainer and curator of media school courses.
Workshop Plan

AI-Newsroom Training Program

Introduction: Setting the Stage
  • Welcome and Overview
  • Check-in Question
  • Workshop Objectives
  • Brief Overview of Current AI Landscape
Session 1: Mastering AI Essentials
  • Applied AI in the Newsroom
  • Ethical Considerations in Journalism
  • Utilizing ChatGPT for Editing, Writing, and Thinking
  • Case Studies and Hands-On Group Activity
Session 2: Data Analysis & Visualization
  • Token Limitations and Working with Large Inputs
  • Data Scraping and Analysis Tools
  • AI in Infographics and Data Visualization
  • Researcher’s tools
Session 3: Multimedia Content with AI
  • Audio Essentials and Video Production
  • Image Generators and DeepFake Technology
  • Computer Vision
  • Multimedia Exploration: Hands-On Group Activity
Q&A and Reflections: Wrapping Up
For more information, please contact us at info@pragueschool.media

AI-Newsroom Training Program

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