Instagram of love and beauty

Instagram seems to be specially created for professionals working in the industry. Its capabilities go far beyond simply showing the results of your work. Instagram allows you to target audiences that don't yet know what you can offer them. Instagram allows you to align your own brand, attract & create return customers wherever you work, because it helps you build trust with your audience - and, here’s the real advantage over other promotional tools, to understand (and even anticipate) their needs. 

In two weeks and six sessions, you will learn how the Instagram algorithm works - and how to use it to benefit your business. 

Get acquainted with the functionality of the platform at the professional level, learn all about tools for working with an audience, how to create a communication strategy and draw up a correct (content) plan for conquering the world. 

We will talk about how to correctly come up with posts for Stories and for IGTV, how to organize the most effective promotions campaign on Instagram, and, most importantly, how to ensure that your content engages the audience by involving them in increasingly dense interaction, ensuring you popularity with new customers whilst retaining the loyalty of old ones


2 weeks, 6 lessons:

  1. Algorithms, their limits and limitations. Infrastructure: Feed, Feed, Stories, IGTV, AR filters
  2. Audience Tools and Communication Strategy
  3. Content plan. Content creation for stories, feeds, IGTV
  4. Platform tools: posting and working from the desktop. Rules for working with hashtags. Shopping tags
  5. Promotion tools and user engagement mechanics
  6. Instagram Live (Live), Q&A, Graduation! (ballroom dresses and tuxedos optional)